Here you have a list of errors returned by our api with our internal codes, the http codes and a brief definition.

Code HTTP Meaning
Group: invalid_state    
AGW_order_not_found 404 Returned if order doesn’t exist
AGW_offer_not_found 404 Returned if offer is not found
AGW_offer_expired 404 Returned if offer is expired
AGW_file_not_found 404 Returned if a file is not found
AGW_result_expired 404 Result is expired already
AGW_seats_not_available 404 Seats are not available
AGW_services_not_available 404 Services are not available
Group: internal_server_error    
AGW_internal_server_error 500 Unhandled exception
Group: provider_error    
AGW_mandatory_order_reprice_failed 503 This provider requires an Order Reprice before issuing and it failed
AGW_provider_error 503 Generic error, we receive an error from the airline and you can check it in the detail the same way we received it
Group: authentication    
AGW_auth_required 401 Authentication required
Group: access_resource_forbidden    
AGW_not_authorized 403 You’re not authorized to do this action
AGW_operation_temporary_blocked 403 This operation has been blocked temporarily
AGW_airshopping_parsing_no_disruptive 403 AirShopping parsing error
AGW_airline_disabled 403 This airline has been disabled in AGW
Group: validation    
AGW_missing_header 400 Returned if a required header is missing
AGW_invalid_header 400 Returned if a header is not valid
AGW_method_not_allowed_for_provider_on_stage 400 Some airlines don’t allow performing some actions in sandbox or production
AGW_method_request_failed_on_requester_side 400 Failed trying to request
AGW_method_response_failed_on_requester_side 400 Failed trying to parse the response
AGW_method_request_not_implemented 400 We’ve not implemented this request yet
AGW_method_response_not_implemented 400 We’ve not implemented the parsing of this response yet
AGW_method_void_not_permited 400 Void is not permited for this method
AGW_look_to_book_ratio_exceed 429 Look to book ratio has been exceeded
AGW_XXXXXXX 400 We use validation group to return many generic errors about data validation, check the detail and code you’ll receive to understand the problem, they are self-explanatory


        "group": "invalid_state",
        "code": "AGW_services_not_available",
        "status": 404,
        "detail": "Services are not available",
        "requestID": "96ffb82c14c69821a4a62a971d7bbf9c",
        "sessionID": "7197b2247bcb4914erga64652e06d034"