In order to use remarks, we support two scenarios:

  • Booking remarks
  • Post Booking remarks

Remarks under booking process

Pre remarks

In this case, you need to ask AirGateway to enable for you which remarks templates do you want to have available while booking. By default, no templates are set while booking.

Remarks with unpaid orders

Post remarks

All of your remarks templates will appear here, contrary to booking flow templates. Once your order is created, you have to click on Remarks tab, just below you order number.

How to use remarks

Edit remarks

When you reach out any of the parts where you can use them, just click on the dropdown Select template and choose desired template. Then, you will have to click on Edit or click on any field and just fill any required field in order to have them attached to your order.

Save remarks

Once you have finished, click on Save. If everything is OK, you will be able to issue your order.

Types of fields

We have four types of fields that can be used in creation of templates:

  • Mandatory fields: This always must be used, otherwise form can’t be saved. Entire line is sent to AIR files. When you don’t input anything in this field and you try to save, will appear the following message Required field.
  • Optional fields: You can decide to fill these fields or not, but when remarks are saved and this is empty, entire line won’t be sent to AIR files.
  • Regular fields: Similar to optional fields, except by the fact that this line will be sent to AIR files even if you don’t fill its field.
  • Auto fields: You don’t have to do anything with them, they will have proper information when you open template and they can’t be changed.

    Agent remark

    • Agent ID: This auto field takes its value from Bookingpad actual user. i.e: german@airgateway

      Passenger remarks

    • Passenger: A list of fields is generated automatically containing name and number from each passenger.

    Any other type of auto field can be requested to AirGateway team.

Types of data in remarks

Our remarks have four different types of data:

  • Int: Numeric values non-decimal.
  • Float: Decimal values.
  • Str: To use any type of text. A minimum or a maximum of characters can be set.
  • List: A list of several values to use in selected field. This is a single selection list.