To be able to access our platform you will have to get a validated credentials on our Sandbox Agency Portal.

After registration, you would be able to apply for an Authentication key. We will review your application details asap and come back to you.

To be able to access our production environment, you will have to request a new Authentication key and use a new endpoint.

All requests sent to the NDC JSON API require to be authenticated with an HTTP header like this:

  • Authorization: {Authorization-key}

An Authorization-key can be obtained on our Agency Portal

API and Hub token access information for Apps

In order to get the right information for actual token and consumer for Apps, a request must be made to https://hub.airgateway.{env}/api/app/tokens, where env must be changed by .net or .com, depending on the environment endpoint.

Also, Ag-App-Name and Ag-App-Token headers need to be used, with app id and ndc token respectively.