This requests are basically restricted to one single NDC method call (AirShopping) since it’s the only NDC method that makes sense to be concurrently requested to multiple NDC providers.

To execute a MPR you only need send a valid standard NDC AirShopping request including an HTTP header like this:

AG-Providers: * This is interpreted by the NDC Gateway like a send to all available NDC providers for the consumer.

Alternatively, you can define a list of providers using a list of comma-separated standard IATA airline designators.

AG-Providers: BA, AA, LH

MPR Responses

Multi-Provider responses

MPRs behave asynchronously when used this HTTP headers:

Connection: keep-alive

MPR response formats:

Our MPR responses (only applies to AirShopping seraches) has two modes: Streaming or Standard HTTP.

To enabled streaming mode (strongly recommended for GUI Applications) it’s required to send the following HTTP header:

  • AG-Connection: keep-alive

And, optionally, for the streaming mode, a timeout in the server-side can be set upon request of the client to set a maximum request lifetime.

  • AG-Request-Timeout: X (where x is an integer number in seconds)

Using this header will let you get all the results received in the first X seconds. For example, if airline 1 returns results in 5 seconds and airline 2 returns results in 10 seconds, if we setup timeout to 6 seconds we’ll receive all results from airline 1 but no results from airline 2.

Important note

Please, keep in mind streaming mode responses use a non-standard JSON notation wrapping called JSON Streaming used to streamline a collection of valid JSON objects instead of a resulting JSON-valid notation.