Once you have been granted access to our platform, you should have your username, agency and password.

With that information you can login in our agency portal and start inviting and managing your agents on the platform. You have an agency portal manual here.

Developers information

Once you have been invited as developer to your agency, please login here.

If you visit the “Applications” tab, you’ll see all the enabled applications in that environment (including yours). If you click in “Activate” button, you’ll get your unique and personal AGW NDC v1.2 key which you can use to call our sandbox environment. Getting API Key

Of course, these credentials you have, will allow you to login in:



If you want to get examples, the best way is just using BookingPad to do your use case and then go to tracer to see the exchange of JSON API input and output: Search your trace in tracer Get the JSON traffic in tracer

Apart from that, remember you have all our docs available in:

Swagger doc:

Release notes: It’s recommended that you subscribe to these updates.

Postman examples:

Just as a reminder, all the urls that we use for sandbox are “.net” domains. In production we use “.com” and that should be the most notable change you should need to do once you finish your integration.

If you need help, please contact us via