Here you can find some postman examples in a single collection with multiples cases and workflows

Clone the repo

Please, clone this repository with the collection and two environments: BA and IB. Import files

Import files in Postman

and then edit the collection to modify the variable called AG-Authorization with the airgateway`s api-key.

AG-Authorization variable

Fork the repo

A different way to do this is to fork the repository in any of your organizations and then import in postman using the Code repository option.

Import files in Postman using repository

Collection structure

There are many folders in the collection, each of them with a complete and concrete flow for the different scenarios, the caption for each case is simple:

  • ADI: AirDocIssue
  • AS: AirShopping
  • OP: OfferPrice
  • OC: OrderCreate
  • OR: OrderRetrieve
  • OCancel: OrderCancel
  • OReshop: The OrderReshop flow to change the date
  • SA: SeatAvailability
  • SL: ServiceList

so if a folder is called AS-OP-SL-OC-OCancel is because it runs through all those methods. There are some hidden methods, because they are implicit in the transaction flow, this cases are:

  • AirDocIssue: in the ticket issuing flow, before the ADI we have to invoke the OrderReshopReprice in order to check if the price has changed.
  • OrderCancel: in order to do the OrderCancel it is mandatory in the most of the airlines call a previous OrderReshopRefund to know the amount to be refunded.
  • OrderReshop: in the flow to change the date of a flight there are 3 methods involved: OrderReshop, OrderReshopReprice and OrderChange.
  • SeatAvailability and ServiceList post order: in the post order scenario after the SA or the SL we need to call to an OrderChange to add the services in the order.

Collection content

The current list of folders we have in this collection is this:

  • AS-OP-OC-OCancel
  • AS-OP-OC-ADI-OCancel
  • AS-OP-SA-OC-OCancel
  • AS-OP-SL-OC-OCancel
  • AS-OP-OC-SA-OCancel
  • AS-OP-OC-SL-OCancel
  • AS-OP-OC-OReshop-OCancel

The SA and the SL can be pre and post order. It is determined by the position relative to the OC method, for example SA-OC would be a SeatAvailability in pre order scenario, while OC-SL would be a ServiceList post order.